Stone Mountain Neighborhood Park

Stone Mountain Park map-01

What is this project?

Land for this park (8.2 acres) was acquired in 2006 and is currently undeveloped. Bond funds in the amount of $60,000 have been earmarked for construction.

Why is it important?

When asked about their favorite activities to participate in when visiting parks, Fayetteville residents' top answers included picnicking, enjoying open green spaces and gathering with family and friends. These are all activities that can and will take place in parks nestled in neighborhoods around the city.

The average neighborhood park comprises a little over 6 acres, with about half being undeveloped natural areas that provide environmental benefits such as reducing urban heat islands, mitigating flooding, and reducing air and noise pollution.

What is the current status?

Park planners have met with neighborhood residents and HOA representatives for basic facility planning.  Due to the park site’s topography and wooded nature, limited development is recommended in order to preserve the existing resources.  An initial plan was prepared that includes a woodland hiking trail with a pavilion/scenic overlook at the trailhead access point.

When will it be completed?

This project is planned for completion during Phase 1 implementation of the bond projects, which should be finalized by 2020/2021.

How is it funded?

Funding will be provided by the bond issue that Fayetteville voters approved in April of 2019.