Testing Procedures

The Fayetteville Police Department generally conducts applicant testing two times each year. The applications can be obtained from the City of Fayetteville’s website.

The application / testing process consists of two phases. You must successfully complete Phase I in order to proceed to Phase II. Upon successful completion of both phases, and approval from the Fayetteville Chief of Police, you will be given an offer of employment and scheduled to begin the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Phase I

Complete & Submit Application

  • All applications should be submitted online to the Human Resources Division
  • Check for minimum requirements
  • Submit all required documents
  • Preliminary background check will be conducted on all applicants

Civil Service Test

  • All scores of 70 % or greater will be considered passing
  • The test consists of questions covering reading comprehension, report writing, and observation skills.
  • The test will be graded on site

Physical Fitness Test

  • 1.5 Mile Run
  • 300 Meter Run
  • Bench Press or Push Ups
  • Leg Press
  • Sit Ups

Police Interview Board

  • Structured interview conducted with members from the Fayetteville Police Department
  • Appropriate business attire required

Civil Service Interview Board

  • Structured interview with members of the Civil Service Commission
  • Appropriate business attire required

List of Certified Police Applicants

  • All applicants will be ranked according test results
  • 50 points for the Civil Service Test
  • 20 points of the police interview
  • 30 points for the Civil Service interview

Phase II

Background Investigation

  • Credit check
  • Driving record and criminal history
  • Educational references
  • Employment references
  • Neighborhood references
  • Personal references
  • Pre-investigation interview

Final Interview

  • Interview with Fayetteville Police Administration
  • Conditional offer of employment
  • Physical and psychological examination
  • Drug Screening